Summer Commercial Cleaning Checklist

Summer is quickly approaching, and schools are preparing for their annual summer break. This means that it is the perfect time to schedule some of the bigger commercial cleaning tasks in order to maintain a clean and healthy environment for students and staff when they return in the fall. 

Carpet Cleaning & Hard Floor Care

Carpet cleaning and hard floor care, including stripping and waxing of VCT, and machine scrubbing of concrete and tile, are critical tasks that typically cannot be accomplished when students are present. These areas tend to accumulate dirt, dust, and grime during the academic year, which can damage carpets and hard floors, resulting in costly repairs or replacements. The summer months are the perfect time to strip and wax VCT, machine scrub concrete and tile, and deep clean carpets, ensuring that the floors are in optimal condition for the upcoming school year.

Dorms and Residential Halls

During the summer break, it is crucial to clean the residential halls to ensure their cleanliness and perform maintenance. Dormitories house hundreds, if not thousands, of students, and with that comes a lot of wear and tear. During the academic year, dorms are bustling with activity, and cleaning can become an afterthought. However, come summer vacation, it is crucial to deep clean the dorms to eliminate any accumulated dirt, dust, and germs. Summer cleaning ensures that the dorms are clean and sanitary, making them ready for the next group of students.

Interior & Exterior Window Cleaning

Interior and exterior window cleaning is a task that must be done regularly to keep the school looking presentable. Regular window cleaning keeps the windows looking clean and bright, and it also extends the life of the windows. Scheduling window cleaning during the summer break is a wise decision, as it ensures that the windows are thoroughly cleaned and ready for the new academic year.

Pressure Washing

An important cleaning task during the summer season is pressure washing the sidewalks, walkways, and building exteriors. Pressure washing can be a noisy and disruptive activity that can interfere with academic activities and disturb students and staff. Additionally, pressure washing can take some time to complete, and performing this task during the summer break allows ample time for thorough cleaning without interfering with academic schedules.

High Dusting

High dusting, particularly in unique spaces with high ceilings, such as auditoriums, lecture halls, and libraries, is a crucial summer cleaning task. Dust accumulation can affect air quality and trigger allergies and respiratory problems. High dusting is a task that requires specialized equipment, and it must be performed by trained professionals. Scheduling high dusting during the summer break ensures that these unique spaces are thoroughly cleaned, reducing the risk of allergic reactions and respiratory problems.

Athletic and Aquatic Centers

Athletic and aquatic center areas are prone to dirt and grime accumulation, making it critical to deep clean them regularly. Summer vacation is the perfect time to perform this deep cleaning, as it ensures that the athletic and aquatic centers are safe and sanitary for the next academic year.

By following this comprehensive school summer cleaning checklist, schools can ensure that their facilities are clean, healthy, and safe for students and staff alike. It is important to schedule these commercial cleaning tasks during the summer break while students are on vacation to ensure minimal disruption to academic activities. A clean and healthy learning environment will improve academic performance and overall satisfaction among students and staff. Don’t neglect commercial cleaning tasks during the summer break – they are crucial for a successful school year.