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Improving Cost Efficiency in Campus Cleaning

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Running a campus is a challenging task nowadays. One area of major concern is maintaining a clean and healthy campus environment while remaining within a tight budget. While it’s essential to have the services of a professional cleaning company, the budget is always stretched to the maximum and it’s difficult to control costs.

One thing you simply cannot do is cut corners or cut back on services to save a few dollars. A tidy and hygienic campus is important for many reasons.

Why a Clean Campus is Important

Campus management might be tempted to reduce expenses by going for a less expensive or budget cleaning and janitorial services company or reducing the scope of its work. You might need to meet budget demands or utilize the savings on other important projects and requirements. Such cutbacks could be a big mistake for several reasons.


A campus is a busy place. You have a responsibility to ensure the health and wellness of all staff, students, and visitors. Reducing the quality of cleaning could have an immediate negative impact on people’s health.

You will have more sick days, lower productivity, and fewer results. This will have serious consequences because people want to study at a successful establishment. If the results deteriorate, student numbers might drop.

There is also a cost to sick days and this will also negatively affect the campus. It is important the cleaning and janitorial services are done to the highest standards.


Studies have shown a direct link between a healthy environment and productivity. Students and teachers working in a clean and healthy environment will be more productive.

This is true in an office environment and applies equally to staff and students on campus. Good air quality, hygienic facilities, and a clean, clutter-free environment are crucial for productivity.

The Reputation of the Campus

It is vital that the college attracts top students and teaching staff. A dirty and untidy campus will give the establishment a poor reputation. People will notice this immediately and be put off.

If you use a professional cleaning company that keeps the campus clean and hygienic, it will create a good impression on visitors and students and will help ensure you’re able to attract more students.


Another reason good cleaning and janitorial services are required on campus is safe. A cluttered and dirty environment is not only unhealthy, but it also increases the risk of accidents and injuries. Clutter and litter also pose fire hazards.

Any such incidents could lead to lawsuits and will also negatively affect the reputation of the campus. This could lead to lower student numbers.

Infrastructure and Assets

Not having sufficient commercial janitorial cleaning will lower the lifespan of many of the campus assets. Carpets and furniture not regularly cleaned will have to be replaced more often.

Maintenance costs will also increase with lower cleaning standards. Plumbing will have to be attended to more often, walls will need regular repainting and other damage will occur. Much of this can be avoided by the services of a professional cleaning company.

As you can see, trying to cut costs by reducing commercial janitorial cleaning will often result in increased expenses and can also lead to reduced income if student numbers drop. In trying to save money, you might end up in a worse financial situation.

How to Improve Efficiency

You need to look at creative ways of maintaining the standard of cleaning and janitorial services while still reducing costs. There are several ways to do this.

Speak To Your Professional Cleaning Company

A campus is a large and busy place and keeping it clean is no easy task. An experienced cleaning and janitorial services company should be able to advise you on ways to reduce costs.

It won’t want to lose you as a client. You and the company need to do a full analysis of all the cleaning that is required, how often it needs to be done, and where savings can be made.

This could be quite a lengthy process, but it will be worth it. You might find a lot of time is spent cleaning areas that don’t require frequent cleaning. At the same time, you might identify areas that need to be cleaned more often.

Develop a detailed plan that breaks each area down with time estimates and costs. Do regular inspections of all areas that are cleaned to see exactly what is done, how it’s done, and how long it takes.

Restrooms and kitchens must be cleaned regularly for health and safety reasons. High-traffic areas also need to be cleaned regularly. Certain administration areas and offices might not need to be cleaned daily. Only by careful analysis will you be able to determine this.

The cleaning and janitorial services company will know the campus well and if you discuss your concerns, the company should be able to come up with ideas to save money.

The key is to find daily tasks that can be reduced without compromising on cleanliness. These daily tasks take up a lot of time. If you can eliminate a few of them, there will be significant savings.

Get Students Involved

Students are busy with their studies, but they’re training to be responsible members of society. There is nothing wrong with expecting them to take some responsibility for keeping the campus clean.

Dorm rooms, for example, should be kept clean and tidy by the students. The cleaning and janitorial services company should only have to vacuum, wipe down surfaces, and guarantee the bathrooms are hygienic. Even classrooms and lecture halls can be kept clean by the students. Hopefully, they take pride in the campus and want it to always be clean and presentable.

You might find that there are student associations that have a desire to see a clean campus. They might be willing to drive the program and arrange for students to take up some of the cleaning responsibilities.


Labor is the most expensive cost of a professional cleaning company. Any technology that reduces labor will result in significant savings. Make sure you deal with a company that uses labor-saving technology.

Closing Thoughts

It’s possible to make significant cost reductions without dropping cleaning standards. This exercise will take time and effort from the campus management, as well as the cleaning and janitorial services company, but it can be done if the right approach is adopted.


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