Cleaning Company Giving You the Run-Around?

Cleaning and janitorial services should leave you relieved, not stressed out!

You walk into your office and realize your cleaning company has not vacuumed, mopped, or swept the floors. You are disappointed. Then, you realize there has been little cleaning at all when you notice dust, grime, and odd odors. Your hired cleaning and janitorial service should have cleaned and handled everything. This is an even worse realization. You’re paying the company to do a job and you are continuing to be disappointed. Should you call and complain every time the company does its job incorrectly? Or, should you hire a company and be confident it will complete the job that it has committed to? Sadly, too many times, that isn’t the case.

You contact the company to discuss the issues you’ve noticed(or have had to handle from your employees complaining). But, they fall on deaf ears. Your cleaning and janitorial service company promises to do better andresolve the issues by its next service call. But, when you come in the nextday, you’re let down once again. Areas are still dirty, floors still havegrime, and break room surfaces are still sticky. You either must start thephone tag game again or make some harder decisions.

A second chance turns into a third and, then, a fourth until you are tired of the excuses. The cycle keeps going again and again because many cleaning and janitorial companies give empty promises. They have a poor communication line with their cleaners and those cleaners are not properly trained. The lack of supervision across the typical cleaning company causes issues to remain unresolved. Their lack of continuity causes a loop of dissatisfied service. A company with poor communication is a company with loose standards of acceptance. When “anything goes,” a company will never do anything the right way.

Our Solution

We at iNX take the proper steps the first time. We ensure we understand the exact needs of every customer individually. There is no “one-size-fits-all” or blanket pricing at our company. We take the time to walk through your business and discuss with you exactly what your needs are. We bring up things you may have overlooked. Each business we serve has different cleaning and janitorial services needs so your employees and building stay in working order.

Should something not be up to your standard, we have client service managers can help you. They immediately communicate with our franchise operators to ensure the janitorial crew is aware of the problems. We have a10-step complaint process. This guarantees our corporate office, franchise operator, and cleaning crew know about the problems you have noticed. The franchise operator then communicates with the cleaning crew to discuss the customer’s concerns. After that, the iNX corporate office verifies customer satisfaction. Since our biggest concern is customer satisfaction, we strive to clean your facility the right way every time. Our cleaning and janitorial services are top-notch for a reason, and we leave every job knowing we did it perfectly.

If there are any issues about our cleaning and janitorial services, we have our 10-step complaint process. This process goes through the right communication channels. We make sure we respond and let you know we value you and your business. We make sure we resolve the issues by closing the loop before it makes its way back around. The issue could be as simple as a miscommunication over janitorial services or a lack of attention to detail. Our Quality Assurance process and dedicated customer hub both ensure top-notch quality and consistency in all the services we provide. 

What Success Looks Like

The only concern you’ll have when you walk into your building in the morning will be the day’s agenda. Your facility will be ready for a great day’s work. It will be a clean and safe environment for everyone who comes there. You will have mopped, vacuumed, and swept floors to prevent any staining, tripping, or stickiness. You will see dusted desks, crystal clear windows, and well-stocked and sanitary bathrooms. Your clients and employees won’t seek you out during the day to complain. You won’t receive any e-mails about the lack of toilet paper or that the windows are smudged. Your hired cleaning and janitorial services company will have taken care of that.

Your time is best spent doing your job. You shouldn’t haveto waste that valuable time chasing after your cleaning and janitorial servicescompany through the phone. You’ll be able to focus on your company’s needs andthe needs of your employees. Your employees will be grateful and feelappreciated coming into a clean and workable space. They won’t have to stressover how dirty the toilets are or where that odd smell is coming from. Happyemployees mean more productive employees. And, that results in more money in your pocket.

Our thorough processes mean that your concerns will not fall through the cracks. We follow up with every complaint after we make sure it will not happen again. Our 10-step process, quality assurance, and customer hub are all there to make your cleaning experience better. We make sure that your facility is in top working order and clean from top to bottom. We want to make it a healthy and safe place for you, your employees, and your clients to come to. At iNX, we know clean.

P.S: Stop dealing with janitorial companies that don’t act on what they promise! For trustworthy, reliable janitorial services, call TeamiNX today!