Complaints Driving You Crazy?

Are the Complaints About Your Office Cleaning Driving You Bonkers?

The right professional cleaning company can stop the endless complaints.

The last thing you want to see when you open your e-mail is complaints about dirty restrooms. You also don’t want to read about full trash cans, streaky windows, forgotten tasks, and missed areas. You’re tired of hearing it and you’re tired of being the catch-all that hears about everything day in and out. Your office has turned into a sitting room for disgruntled workers or annoyed tenants. And, you’ve realized a large chunk of your time is going toward fielding responses to cleaning issues. This is something your professional cleaning company should take care of. You hired the company to make your building cleaner, not messier.

You realize several of the employees who come to clean your office are new or you’ve never seen them before. That means the employees have a high turnover rate. This is a result of poor training, not enough allotted hours for the cleaning service– which means too much is expected for not enough pay. The constant run-through of new cleaners eats up time since you must re-explain duties every time a new person arrives. It also lessens the value of the cleaning you are paying for. A professional cleaning company should know what your needs are. The company will only send employees who are ready and willing to give you an immaculate building every time. If you aren’t getting what you paid for, why are you still paying?

Typical professional cleaning companies are reactive, not proactive. They tend to have poor communication so that leaves all those complaints being directed at you. Then, you find yourself caught in an endless loop of callbacks. Once they do respond, you are left feeling rebuffed or unsatisfied at the response. They’ll either continue what they are doing or change it for a small period of time. Sooner or later, however, they will return to the incorrect and ineffective methods. And let’s be honest, you and your building deserve better.

iNX- Your Janitorial Management Company

There are many reasons why you should choose to outsource your recurring cleaning needs to iNX. We understand the level of detail for janitorial services are never one size fits all– all buildings and customers are different. We come to your facility before delivering you a proposal to correctly assess your unique needs. Then, with your input, we develop a plan that’s right for your business. With our proven system of coming to your facility to assess your specific needs, asking the correct questions to understand exactly what you need & are looking for in a professional cleaning service, we get to know your facility personally. That puts us one step above companies that are only out for a quick clean and a fast check.

For the chance that there are any issues about our professional cleaning company or its services, we have a 10-step complaint process. This process goes through the right channels to make sure we respond and let you know we value you. We make sure we resolve the issue by closing the loop. The issue could be as a result of a miscommunication over janitorial services or a lack of attention to detail, but our Quality Assurance process and dedicated customer hub both ensure top notch quality and consistency in all services we provide.

The safety of your building is our top priority. Therefore, our employees undergo detailed screening and training before ever stepping out to clean a location. You can rest assured that your building, tenants, and employees are secure. There is no high turnover or unhappy cleaning employees coming through because we pay our cleaners well to do their jobs correctly, and we deal with any issues with immediately. The right professional cleaning company knows that the cleaners it hires need to be trustworthy. So, we invest time and resources in making sure we hires the right people.

The Aftermath

You can rest assured that once you get to work and open your e-mail inbox, there will be no more complaints coming to you. This frees up a significant chunk of time that you can spend on things actually pertaining to your job description. You won’t have the anxiety of not knowing what you’re walking into. You’ve hired a professional cleaning company that knows exactly how to care for and properly clean the correct way, resulting in happy employees.

With iNX, you’ll receive the same cleaning crew in your facility– you won’t have to waste time getting new cleaners up to speed on how to clean your building. This increases the speed and effectiveness of your cleaning team because the team knows exactly what it needs to do. They can complete the job fast and more effectively as the same team, which will result in saved money in your pocket.

Unlike typical janitorial companies, we respond to your questions, complaints, and concerns and take action to fix them. At iNX, we know that a professional cleaning company should treat its clients and customers with the utmost respect. We will call to check in, suggest deep cleanings, or other seasonal cleaning needs that come throughout the year. For example, you may need leaf blowing or pressure washing. We are a proactive cleaning company, not a reactive one. It’s better to fix issues before they arise. No one wants to clean up a big mess. We like to share our knowledge so that both of our businesses can run smoother.

P.S: If you’re ready to eliminate those employee complaints about your professional cleaning company, partner with iNX. We’ll deliver services to your facility at a level you and your employees will appreciate!