Unsure How To Choose a Provider?

Not Sure Where to Begin When Selecting a Janitorial Provider?

Choosing the right office building cleaning services can be challenging.

Too often, choosing office building cleaning services gets tagged onto a certain job description. Human resources, administration, office managers, and facility managers are some examples of people who have been tasked with finding the right cleaners for their buildings. This decision can affect your business more than you think, so it’s important to consider your options and not feel intimidated by the amount of information and cleaning services out there.

Most business owners or office managers immediately look for the cheapest options. This is normal because most businesses want to save some money. It is logical. A lot of cleaning services will be quick to give you the lowest rate you’ve heard as soon as you call them. This is an issue because without actually going to your place of business and assessing the level of attention your business needs, the cleaning company will not properly understand what it will take and how long it will take to complete each service. Janitorial companies that do quotes over the phone will do anything to obtain your business and this will result in your property being underbid. Furthermore, if you do choose to get that low-cost office building cleaning service, that low price you were originally given will result in things forgotten or service areas being missed all together. When you confront the cleaning company about what the appropriate tasks should be, they’ll oblige and then start tacking on the dollars. Do you want to walk into a dirty office lobby in the morning after you budget cleaning services company leaves smudges on the windows, dust everywhere, and a grimy floor?

A formal walkthrough of the business is essential so that your company and the cleaning services company you are seeking match up. When it comes to customer retention, employee happiness, and overall health and safety, it’s best not to skimp on the right cleaning services. Insufficient services will not come back when you report that the cleaning was incomplete, and they won’t go above the bare minimum.

At iNX Building Maintenance Solutions, we bring the best in staff and standards. When you call, we take the time to ask about your company, your specific needs, and the frequency that you will need our janitorial and building maintenance services. We don’t just send you a bill, either. We come to your facility and assess what needs to be done first, and what needs to be planned for the future. Our method is excellent in its planning, scheduling, and helping to educate the businesses we work with what they need beyond just dusting.

The janitorial needs will be discussed and input into a janitorial plan, or scope of work, for your commercial cleaning services. The scope of work is the contract that explicitly states what you are paying for, what to expect, and how frequently you need certain services done. For higher traffic businesses, we may recommend deep cleaning hallways and entrances twice per month. But, in other businesses that see fewer clients a day, that wouldn’t make sense. We will make a recommendation and listen to customer input as well while developing the janitorial plan.

At iNX, we also take pride in informing our customers about what is routinely overlooked. Most office equipment ends up being more than 400 times dirtier than the average toilet seat! That means that the floors and countertops shouldn’t be your only priority. We recommend routine office building cleaning services of all office equipment, such as keyboards, printers, copy machines, phones, and headsets. We touch these objects every day before and after eating and even after using the toilet. Make sure you keep your office as clean as possible by planning your needs with us.

Life with iNX

We treat you individually and caring for your business the way you do. It isn’t all about the cheapest price. It’s more about the value you receive and the high attention to detail your business deserves. Your employees and customers will compliment the cleanliness of your office and employees will express gratitude in working in such a clean and safe environment. Commercial cleaning services will be a benefit to your business instead of something to deal with.

You won’t feel confused wondering what you are paying for. We will be detailed and communicate exactly what to expect from our specially trained cleaning crews. You will have a thorough contract through our janitorial plan so that you can feel confident in exactly what is being done and how frequently. Your commercial cleaning services will keep your sanity in check by not having to chase around a cleaning service that isn’t performing. We always get the job done.

You will get your money’s worth. When you go with a cheaper company that seems too good to be true, it probably is. Your building’s floors, walls, furniture, windows, and even your employees will suffer from poorly maintained sanitary conditions. The cheaper office building cleaning services company is not worth the long-term issues that will undoubtedly crop up in employees absentee because of health issues and office equipment malfunctioning because of dust buildup.

Hiring a company that knows how to clean from the top down, that uses state-of-the-line cleaning equipment, and that is willing and ready to explain to you every detail of what you’re paying for, is worth more than saving a few dollars. Peace of mind comes along with our janitorial plans, so you can relax and rest easy that your office will always be ready for customers and employees alike.

P.S.: We’ll make you feel confident in choosing office building cleaning services. Call Team iNX and schedule your free consultation today!