5 Steps for Choosing Janitorial

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The commercial cleaning business is extremely competitive. There are many large established companies and a host of new entrants. They all promise cost savings and excellent cleaning. Finding the right professional cleaning company can be challenging, and it is important you make the right decision. There is a lot riding on the quality of your facility cleaning.

Your relationship with your janitorial cleaning services company should be a long and happy one. It is important to project a good image for your company and keep your employees healthy, happy, and productive. Take your time, do your homework, and select wisely.

Signing with a poor cleaning and janitorial services company will result in inferior cleaning that will have a negative effect on your business in several ways. Going through the whole selection process again is time-consuming and costly, so you want to get it right the first time.

You want to find a professional cleaning company that you can form a long-term relationship with. You want one you can trust and rely on to always do an outstanding job with minimal input from you and your staff.

With so many companies to choose from, how do you go about finding the janitorial cleaning services company that is right for your business?

Here are the Top Five Tips to Getting it Right:

1. Do Your Research

When you interview a new employee, you scrutinize his or her experience, discover his or her strengths and weaknesses, check references from previous employers and find out as much as you can.

You should do all this and more when screening a prospective professional cleaning company.

It is essential you meet with the prospective vendors, but it is all too easy for them to make grand claims and bold promises in their sales pitches. To establish the credibility of these claims and get a real idea of their effectiveness, you will need to do some digging into their reputation and history.

Start by looking at the company’s website to see how long it has been in business, what areas it covers, what are its areas of expertise, and get a general idea of what it stands for.

A well-established company with many years’ experience counts for a lot. It would not have survived in this competitive environment for so long if it was not doing something right. It also means it has the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to do a quality job. Commercial janitorial cleaning has become a sophisticated business that requires the right training and experience.

Ensure the company has experience in your industry or environment. The skills and experience necessary to clean an office, for example, are completely different to a factory, hospital or a campus.

Check out references from existing clients. There is nothing wrong with asking the professional cleaning company for references from others companies in a similar industry. A proud cleaning company will be only too happy to provide details of satisfied clients. First-hand feedback from other clients will give you an honest idea of the quality of service the vendor provides.

Read online reviews. If you Google the company you are considering, you are likely to find a good number of reviews related to its service. Don’t be put off by a handful of negative reviews because there will always be some clients who are impossible to please. But, look for trends. If there are more negative reviews than positive ones, that should set off an alarm.

2. See How the Company Approaches the Quote Process

If the janitorial cleaning services company asks a few questions related to the size of the facility, floor surface, and number of staff and then provides you with a quote, be very wary.

A serious professional cleaning company that is likely to deliver outstanding cleaning services will be more thorough. It will come to your premises and meet with you to get to know your environment and understand your needs and challenges.

It will do a full walk-through to observe and inspect all areas of the facility to develop the best solution.

3. Get Everything in Writing

A good professional cleaning company will determine the scope of work or present a cleaning plan. This will detail exactly what areas will be cleaned, how they will be cleaned, and how often.

This is important because it shows that the vendor has a logical structure in place. It will also give you something to refer back to should any disputes arise in the future.

4. Understand its Recruitment, Training and Supervision Policies

These are all extremely important areas the budget janitorial cleaning services try to save a few dollars on. Staff selection is very important. You want to be sure the company is not employing cheap and casual labor that is inexperienced and has not been correctly screened.

Quality ongoing training is also essential to ensure that the staff members know what they are doing, how to use the equipment effectively, and what cleaning materials to use in each area of the facility.

Without regular and stringent supervision, standards are likely to slip fairly quickly. Strong managerial involvement and quality supervision are essential to ensure that the correct standards are being maintained.

5. Check to See What Equipment it Uses

There are several automated, intelligent or robotic cleaners that are faster and more efficient than human labor. Many are also less disruptive in the cleaning process. A company that invests in the latest technology will be able to clean your facility faster and at a lower cost than those that rely purely on human labor.

Closing Thoughts

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