Combat Walking Pneumonia with Commercial Cleaning

Prevent Walking Pneumonia with Commercial Cleaning

As winter approaches, specific regions in Asia and France are grappling with a concerning surge in mycoplasma pneumonia, commonly referred to as “walking pneumonia.” Recent Forbes reports have illuminated the resurgence of this bacterial infection, underscoring its impact on communities and the critical measures necessary to curb its transmission. Understanding Mycoplasma Pneumonia Mycoplasma pneumonia or […]

Floor Care for School Environments

floor care for school environments

The 2023-2024 school year is well underway, bustling with the daily flow of students, teachers, and staff through school hallways and classrooms. With this activity comes high foot traffic and, subsequently, an inevitable influx of germs. Implementing regular and throughough floor care for school environments is essential to ensure a hygienic learning environment. Promote the […]

Prioritizing Student Safety with Consistent Cleaning

prioritize student safety with commercial cleaning

Prioritizing student safety is more important than ever. We understand that unclean schools lead to illness among students and create stress for school administrators. This is why consistent cleaning practices are essential throughout the year to protect them adequately. With students and teachers back in the classrooms after a rejuvenating summer break, there’s a fresh […]

Tips for Facility Managers in Higher Education

commercial cleaning services facility manager higher ed

In higher education, the responsibilities of facility managers extend far beyond the lecture halls and classrooms. From laboratories to sports complexes, dormitories to administrative offices, the diversity of facility types on campus is vast. Each space carries distinct needs, challenges, and expectations. As a facility manager, the art of tailoring cleaning plans to meet the […]

Elevating Commercial Cleaning Standards

Elevating commercial cleaning standards with iNX

Maintaining a clean and hygienic workspace is not just about aesthetics – it’s a vital component for any business or institution. The unsettling incident reported by CNN in June 2023, highlights the crucial importance of reliable and expert commercial cleaning service partners. Elevating commercial cleaning standards starts with iNX. We take pride in our thorough […]

Summer Commercial Cleaning Checklist

School Summer Commercial Cleaning Checklist Los Angeles Janitorial Professional

Summer is quickly approaching, and schools are preparing for their annual summer break. This means that it is the perfect time to schedule some of the bigger commercial cleaning tasks in order to maintain a clean and healthy environment for students and staff when they return in the fall. Carpet Cleaning & Hard Floor Care […]

Earth Day – All Year Long

Earth Day, a day to demonstrate support for environmental protection, was created in 1970 after a group of young activists called attention to how man’s activities were having a striking negative impact on our planet. This year, on April 22nd, marks the 52nd anniversary of Earth Day and it is the perfect opportunity for the commercial cleaning industry to showcase what steps they are taking to preserve precious Mother Earth.

The Future of Cleaning

The time when you’d find someone on their knees scrubbing a floor with a wire brush is gone. The modern approach to cleaning and janitorial services is more efficient, more effective, delivers better results, and is more cost-effective, too. But what’s in store for the future of cleaning? Let’s take a look at where we started, where we are now, and what we have to look forward to in the professional cleaning industry. The future of cleaning might be closer than you think.

National Cleaning Week

National Cleaning Week was created by The International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) and occurs annually during the 4th week of March. This week-long event represents a unique opportunity to celebrate the value of clean, raise public awareness, honor fellow cleaning industry professionals and is helping to change the way the world sees the commercial cleaning and janitorial industry and the value it brings to businesses across the country. 

Improving Cost Efficiency in Campus Cleaning

Running a campus is a challenging task nowadays. One area of major concern is maintaining a clean and healthy campus environment while remaining within a tight budget. While it’s essential to have the services of a professional cleaning company, the budget is always stretched to the maximum and it’s difficult to control costs.