Coronavirus & Influenza: A Double Threat

As flu season begins, many people now worry about the double whammy of influenza and COVID-19. It’s no secret that Covid-19 and the flu season will collide, making things worse— or, on the other hand, our new cleaning habits and hygiene practices may actually reduce this year’s flu spread.

While news headlines undoubtedly create fear surrounding the gravity of coronavirus, influenza also poses a significant risk for those of us here in the US. Every year without fail, flu season rolls around and can create havoc in the schools and workplaces. There is no way around it wherever there are many people working closely in a communal space that creates the perfect condition for the flu to flourish. Coupled with poor cleaning, insufficient hand washing hygiene, and a general unawareness about how to best minimize the chances of spreading bacteria, the office often becomes a nexus of sick individuals. With flu season just around the corner, instituting strict cleaning habits are no longer an option, but a mandate for your business. The COVID + influenza combination is a scary situation, let us help you formulate an effective game plan for keeping your employees safe and healthy. Below are some steps can you take to help minimize the effects of the coronavirus and flu season.

– Office Cleaning Services: Must Put Health & Safety First
The largest predictor for how much of a problem the common colds, influenza, and other illnesses are going to be for you and your facility is how well your cleaning company does their job. If your commercial cleaning staff are not well versed in standard and industry-specific cleaning for health practices, you and your people are at risk. In order to be truly effective, cleaning must go below the surface or strict cleaning for appearance to a true reduction of disease-causing germs.

TouchPoints & Hot Spots: Critical to the Health of Your Workplace
Frequently touched areas, or “touchpoints” are havens for disease-causing bacteria to spread to everyone in your building, thus becoming potential “hot spots.” Targeting these areas is the first step in reducing the risk of illness in your office.

– The Right Products: Used the Right Way
With so many different powerful, disease-fighting chemicals on the market, the true benefit lies in knowing how to use them, rather than what product to use for maximum effectiveness. With proper training through the commercial janitorial provider, your cleaning staff should understand that they need to clean first, sanitize second as well as respect appropriate dwell times and effective techniques for different cleaning solutions. Commercial cleaning must go beyond a mop and a bucket with a focus on best practices in order to make your facility truly clean.

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