Dealing with Multiple Vendors?

Are You Tired of Dealing with Multiple Vendors for Cleaning & Building Maintenance?

consolidate your cleaning services

Cleaning and janitorial services should be covered by one company; if they’re not, you could end up paying way more than you need to.

The Pit-Falls Of Hiring Multiple Vendors

Schedules & Multiple Vendors

Do the carpet cleaners come on Monday or Tuesday? What about the window washers? What about the janitors? When will the power washing be done and who is supposed to clean the parking lot? When you have multiple vendors covering all of your cleaning and janitorial services, it and be daunting and confusing to manage so many schedules and contracts. Every single one vendor operates on his or her own schedule and his or her own contract, which leaves you with more paperwork to keep track of and in general, it’s just more of a hassle. And, let’s not mention all the turnaround time in trying to bid and call several different companies.

The Cost of Multiple Vendors

Paying each of these services separately can also be far more expensive than choosing a single cleaning and janitorial service to handle all your needs. A carpet cleaning company that only cleans carpets will have to charge high enough prices to sustain their business expenses. When you choose a one-trick service, you end up paying much more for all of them together.

Inventory Management with Multiple Vendors

Inventory management can start to be tricky when you have several different cleaning and janitorial services at your location because no one is quite sure exactly who used what and if they should replace or refill. Crossed wires are common when several people are working on the same job. Without one company responsible for maintaining your inventory stock, your company can run out of paper towels, soap, or toilet paper at very inopportune times. As a business owner managing your own inventory, a master list with every item that works with your equipment must be kept with order numbers, company contact numbers, and item descriptions. And, having to order and maintain the inventory will take time away from the job you should be doing.

Instead, Choose iNX As Your Single Vendor Professional Cleaning Provider

Partnering with a vendor for facility maintenance offers a number of advantages, particularly if you bundle services. At iNX, we offer a one-stop shop for all your cleaning and janitorial services. Building maintenance needs, such as floor care, carpet cleaning/extractions, specialty floor coatings, pressure washing, window washing, parking lot sweeping, etc., are all services offered by our company. One call and we can easily handle all your cleaning and janitorial services needed at your facility’s location.

Now, just because our company covers all these cleaning and janitorial services, it doesn’t mean that one size fits all. Each business we service is different. That means the services we offer are adjusted to each business. Larger facilities may need more care, frequently scheduled carpet cleaning, and more parking lot maintenance while smaller facilities may just need our detailed cleaning services. We consider everything, from the size of your building, the number of employees, and the level of traffic from customers.

Our highly detailed consultation process includes vetting every business looking for cleaning and janitorial services, an in-depth walkthrough of the facility, and a thorough and complete janitorial plan that is also included in our contract. Our consultant team will work with your company to discover exactly what your company needs and how we can provide it for you. Whether that means yearly pressure washing or weekly full-service cleaning, you can count on us to deliver on your cleaning and janitorial services just as you need.

Types of Cleaning and Janitorial Services Offered by iNX Commercial Cleaning:

iNX Commercial Cleaning Is Your One-Stop Shop

Save Time With A Single Vendor

Since your business will only be working with one cleaning and janitorial service, all your services and supply needs will be managed by one company. You’ll not only have your time back by not having to manage your schedule around those vendors, but you’ll also have peace of mind not being in control of everything. And, securing cleaning and janitorial services for your facility once instead of several times will save you time so you can focus on your job.

A Single Vendor Can Save You Money

You’ll also save money by using one-stop shop cleaning and janitorial services instead of securing several services from separate vendors. Since iNX can provide all these services, it’s like you’re getting the bulk price at a cheaper cost than any other vendors can provide. The confusions of keeping up with a master list of inventory needs, several vendor numbers, and contact information will no longer take up all your time. No more running out of supplies when you need them the most.

Hiring A Single Vendor Is a Win-Win

Take it easy and stop worrying about organizing multiple vendors. All you have to do with iNX is pull out your carefully detailed contract to see whether a floor cleaning is coming up or if you need to adjust your carpet cleaning schedule. Our contracts are flexible to the needs of your company. So, if you have any concerns or questions, give us a call and we would be happy to help you adjust your contract to fit your business needs.

We know you’re tired of dealing with all the details for janitorial and building maintenance. Let iNX do the hard work for you. Schedule your free consultation today!