Complaints Driving You Crazy?

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Constantly dealing with complaints about the cleanliness of your office can be frustrating and time-consuming. Overflowing trash cans, streaky windows, and overlooked areas not only create an unpleasant work environment but also hinder employee productivity and satisfaction. At iNX, we understand the importance of maintaining a spotless and hygienic workspace. Our tailored cleaning solutions are […]

The Importance of Food Manufacturing Cleaning Services in California

The Importance of Food Manufacturing Cleaning Services in California

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that each year, approximately 1 in 6 Americans, or 48 million people, are affected by foodborne illnesses in the United States. Out of these, 128,000 are hospitalized due to severe symptoms, and tragically, up to 3,000 lose their lives to complications related to these illnesses. […]

Boost Productivity With a Clean Office

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A clean, hygienic and tidy office space is essential to the well-being and health of all who interact within it. The efficiency, productivity, and morale of the staff are all affected by the levels of cleanliness in the business. Having an experienced office janitorial services company attend to the daily cleaning needs will create a lasting impression on the staff, as well as any clients or visitors. If the office is dirty and cluttered, it will have a negative impact on the staff and clients. Studies have shown there is a direct link between the cleanliness of the workspace and the health and productivity of the workforce.

The Future of Cleaning

The time when you’d find someone on their knees scrubbing a floor with a wire brush is gone. The modern approach to cleaning and janitorial services is more efficient, more effective, delivers better results, and is more cost-effective, too. But what’s in store for the future of cleaning? Let’s take a look at where we started, where we are now, and what we have to look forward to in the professional cleaning industry. The future of cleaning might be closer than you think.

National Cleaning Week

National Cleaning Week was created by The International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) and occurs annually during the 4th week of March. This week-long event represents a unique opportunity to celebrate the value of clean, raise public awareness, honor fellow cleaning industry professionals and is helping to change the way the world sees the commercial cleaning and janitorial industry and the value it brings to businesses across the country. 

Commercial Cleaning for Highly Regulated Industries

Throughout the last decade, the highly regulated cannabis industry has rapidly bloomed across the United States. While these businesses face enormous opportunities, they are also presented with significant operational hurdles – especially when it comes to a fast, effective commercial cleaning regimen.

Improving Cost Efficiency in Campus Cleaning

Running a campus is a challenging task nowadays. One area of major concern is maintaining a clean and healthy campus environment while remaining within a tight budget. While it’s essential to have the services of a professional cleaning company, the budget is always stretched to the maximum and it’s difficult to control costs.

Why Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company for your Restaurant?

If you’re in the restaurant or foodservice industry, you know just how important your reputation is to the success of your business. Poor hygiene and unclean spaces can be devastating. This is where a commercial cleaning company can be a huge asset.

Fight Holiday COVID Cases with Electrostatic Disinfection

As COVID-19 cases surge following the holidays, now is the time to consider electrostatic disinfection for your commercial facility or office. According to data reported by, Airlines saw a 184% increase as 27.7 million more people were traveling this holiday season than last year. That’s 92% of 2019 pre-pandemic levels. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports cases and hospitalizations have increased in recent weeks, largely due to the omicron variant, which now makes up more than 70% of new U.S. cases.

Overcoming Challenges in Manufacturing Facility Cleaning

  What are the Benefits of Routine Professional Cleaning in Manufacturing Facilities? Employee Health and Safety Dealing with Hard-To-Clean Areas A Comprehensive Approach to Overcome Cleaning Challenges Unparalleled Industry Knowledge Reduced Fire Risks and Plant Shutdowns Time and Money Savings Imagine a manufacturing plant caked with grease, oil stains, and dirt, with discarded equipment and […]